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  • Your personal and social bookmarks
    • Feeds from your RSS reader. (Also, Google Custom Search and Blekko support for the OPML format lets you import your favorite feeds from your RSS reader)

Web Directories

Academic Directories


Social networking services

Similar Search

Links submission

Most of the search platforms support multi-links submition by placing the URLs in separate lines in a text box (for example "include sites in bulk" option in the Google interface). Also, Some platforms support dynamic indexing through RSS feeds (for example Blekko and Eurekster). If your search platform doesn't support RSS feeds or you want to get more control over your search engine, you can use Link Leecher or Multi links to grab links from webpages or RSS feeds.


  • making a custom search engine from your Delicious bookmarks in three steps:
    • Sign in to your Delicious account
    • From the navigation menu select "Tags>My Tags" and then select one of your tags.
    • Click on the RSS icon at the address bar and add the RSS feed topical search engine.


Websites Evaluation

Website Reputation

Website Speed


  1. List of social bookmarking services

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